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Aad Vis:
Don’t forget your lunchbox

Aad – Malenstein Ede – on nostalgia in Ede…

Ede West
“The roads were quiet; the paper boy was probably the only person they saw. Despite being used to getting up early himself, the paperboy had nothing but respect for these men on their bikes. He knew where they were going and what they were going to do.“Every morning, they set off for work at the crack of dawn, taking a full lunchbox which returned home empty at the end of the day.

And in the evening, the men biked back through Ede West, on their way home. As dusk fell over Ede West, lights would shine in some of house where people were sitting back and talking through their day. But others were already in bed, and now we know why. The next day, these men had bike through Ede West at the crack of dawn, towards the ‘gentle giants’ in green and yellow waiting patiently for a new day to begin.The bike path took them through Ede West towards the huge green/yellow business premises on the Ede industrial estate, where the ‘gentle giants’ stood ready and waiting. These men were the drivers of the enormous green/yellow monsters that roared through the streets before the sun rose. A familiar sight to many other former employees as they biked to work through the streets of Ede West. Some of them drivers, others warehouse or office workers. A few worked in the canteen, making sure that nobody returned to work with an empty stomach.

But what about the paperboy?!?
He biked through the streets on his round dreaming of the day when he too would be driving one of those green/yellow trucks.”

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