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Does anyone remember this illustration?
It was used as a trademark
on packets of custard powder and
Does anyone know why they
chose CUPID?

Anyone know anything about this?

Festive journey of the first forklift truck from Ede to De Hoop, Bennekom… …with Sjors van Leur, the forklift truck driver (who?) and Cor Koomen in the VW van, anno??

In the meantime we’ve received a readion from Dick Rintjema

He has uploaded an old video to YouTube!

Great! With Sjors van Leur, Cor Koomen, Cees Burger, Jan Doornenbosch and many others!

Click here to watch

From my collection of sugar sachets:

Anyone else remember them?


1 may 1950 – 1 may 1990

40 years of service

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